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Cross-border Dispute Resolution and Dispute Resolution Advocacy Services
To deal with cross-border and international disputes, the Institute of Mediators have launched Cross-border Dispute Resolution and Dispute Resolution Advocacy Services in a bid to provide the public a rather comprehensive professional service.

Cross-border Dispute Resolution is an enhanced service to assist disputants to settle their cross-border or international disputes in an effective and amicable way. If parties can resolve their dispute by mediation through this service, the settlement agreement can be enforced across the world by mean of arbitral award issued by an arbitration institution in the jurisdiction, in which parties desire to have their settlement agreement enforced. Contrary to the general mediation service, under this mechanism parties shall jointly appoint an International Accredited Professional Mediator to deal with their dispute.

International Accredited Professional Mediator (IAPM)
This qualification is granted by the Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center (MHJMC). An IAPM specialises in cross-border and international dispute resolutions. Parties who are involved in commercial disputes can make use of a mechanism initiated by MHJMC, by which parties can appoint an IAPM to resolve their disputes or narrow down discrepancies in a rather amicable way. If parties can reach a settlement through mediation, they can enforce their settlement agreement by way of an arbitral award issued by the relevant arbitration centre. Parties can then enforce the arbitral award in more than 150 national courts including China. If, however, parties are not able to settle their dispute then they can carry on with legal proceedings by mean of other dispute resolutions for example, arbitration.

Dispute Resolution Advocacy provides a cost-effective way to help parties to any kind of disputes arose in any jurisdictions by way of giving advice and representing a party throughout the entire period of resolving a dispute. A party to a dispute may instruct an International Professional Dispute Resolution Advocate to seek advice or represent him in the dispute.

International Professional Dispute Resolution Advocate (IPDRA)
This qualification is granted by MHJMC in parallel with IAPM. In a nutshell, an IPDRA is an advisor to a party who works closely with his client in a bid to fight for the best interest for his client. This can be achieved by meetings with clients, a preliminary assessment of a matter in dispute and a comprehensive report in which an IPDRA will give his opinion on the anticipated outcomes, and the appropriate forum to resolve the dispute etc. An IPDRA looks after the entire dispute resolution process on his client behalf from the very onset all the way through to the end.

Most importantly, an IPDRA is able to facilitate their clients in resolving cross-border disputes and take necessary steps to ensure the enforceability of the settlement agreements.

For a preliminary advice of the above services, please contact us by email or calling us for further assistance.

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