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About Institute of Mediators (HKIOM)
Established in February 2014, the Institute of Mediators (hereinafter “the Institute”) operates as a company limited by guarantee.

Given that the needs or demands of mediation services are increasing in Hong Kong significantly since the implementation of Civil Justice Reform in 2009 and Practice Direction 31 in 2010. In particular, the disputes arising out of specialized areas to which mediation services providers might have had difficulties in recommending a right person who has expertise to fit a mediation case.

Mediation Training

We have found the existence of this kind of inherent problem so the aim of establishment of the Institute is to cope with that inherent problem. Institute of Mediators will open mediation training classes of specialized areas. The purpose of which is to train expert mediators to deal with what the disputants consider as no prospect to reach settlement agreements. The Institute will launch top-up courses which cover five aspects namely, land, employment, engineering, intellectual property and consumer interests to enhance the skills of accredited mediators and upgrade them to “Professional Mediators”. The accredited mediator who completes the top-up class will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Mediation ("Pro.Cert.(Med)"). The Institute is the first mediation services provider in Hong Kong awards this professional certificate.

Mediator Training Course

promote mediation
To promote mediation and alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) as a means for resolving disputes in all kinds of suitable areas for the general public especially where the parties in dispute cannot afford the high costs of legal proceedings.
mediator training course and seminar
To organize and provide training courses, workshops and seminars for people from all walks of life, in particular accredited mediators, in Hong Kong and the Mainland China and all other places in the world who wish to attain or enhance the skill of mediation.
mediation service
To consider, study and make recommendations to the government and other appropriate authorities, in respect of all matters connected with mediation or alternative dispute resolutions in Hong Kong and the Mainland China and all other places in the world.
development of mediation
To promote the public's awareness and understanding of the new development of mediation and alternative dispute resolutions in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.
Mediator Responsibility
To co-operate, liaise with, support and exchange ideas with local or international institutions, organizations, professional bodies, government organs and municipalities with similar objects to foster co-operation and exchange of information.


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