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Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Institute of Mediators building Established in February 2014, the Institute of Mediators (hereinafter "the Institute") operates as a non-profit making entity in Hong Kong. We commit to provide pluralistic mediation services, trainings and promoting mediation as an alternative mean to solve disputes. We have been providing trainings in the University of Macau since September 2015. In Hong Kong, we promote mediation to the general public by way of seminars.

Our main services include mediation, consultancy and advocacy and education.

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What is Mediation?


In a nutshell, mediation is a meeting hosted by a neutral third party, a mediator, who acts impartially and facilitates parties to a dispute to communicate in a bid to help them settle the dispute amicably. Mediation is a flexible process which is voluntary. In addition to save both time and money, the whole process is strictly confidential. Most importantly, it helps parties to maintain relationship.

If a settlement can be reached through mediation, the agreed settlement terms will be put in writing to become a mediation agreement. The enforceability of which is protected by the law. In other words, it is highly enforceable in a jurisdiction where the mediation agreement is concluded.



promote mediation
To promote mediation and alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) as a means for resolving disputes in all kinds of suitable areas for the general public especially where the parties in dispute cannot afford the high costs of legal proceedings.
mediator training course and seminar
To organise and provide training courses, workshops and seminars for people from all walks of life, in particular accredited mediators, in Hong Kong and the Mainland China and all other places in the world who wish to attain or enhance the skill of mediation.
mediation service
To consider, study and make recommendations to the government and other appropriate authorities, in respect of all matters connected with mediation or alternative dispute resolutions in Hong Kong and the Mainland China and all other places in the world.
development of mediation
To promote the public's awareness and understanding of the new development of mediation and alternative dispute resolutions in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.
Mediator Responsibility
To co-operate, liaise with, support and exchange ideas with local or international institutions, organisations, professional bodies, government organs and municipalities with similar objects to foster co-operation and exchange of information.
News & Events
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Institute of Mediators
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18 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
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Institute of Mediators
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  The Professional Team  
Mr. CHAN Shui Hung
Mr. Chan is the founding President of the Institute, who has been engaging in legal works, mainly civil litigation and arbitration, since 1998. Before that, Mr. Chan was a law enforcement officer.  
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Institute of Mediators
Dr. Alex LAU
Vice-President, Trainer
Specialised in Intellectual Property Law, Dr. Lau has been engaging in legal professional services since 1983. Before holding office in HK Intellectual Property Advisory Service Limited, Dr. Lau was a Manager...
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Institute of Mediators
Mr. Ferris LEE
Mr. Lee graduated from the Hong Kong University of Technology and Science with an honours degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (B.Eng (Hons)). Mr. Lee also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by the Chinese...
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